BoSa & Co. S.r.l. - Company Profile

BoSa & Co. srl has been started with the two-fold target of supplying: original software products and advanced consulting services. This is possible thanks to the possibility of leveraging highly experienced resources with a long history in helping companies of any size and geographical context both in Italy and abroad.

The products developed by BoSa, are typically supplied with the Software as a Service, and they can be paired with our consulting services, in order to give our customers a complete end-to-end support in the realization of their path of transformation.

BoSa, on demand, is also able to design and implement software products tailored to fulfill the customer requirements. These implementations are executed in an effective and efficient way thanks to resources deeply skilled in project management and complex effort orchestration.

Our mission

« Give access to small and medium companies to enterprise class products and services. »

Our target is to transfer the experience developed in large enterprises to the world of small and medium companies, bringing value though high quality products and services: from the design, to the documentation, to the realization and the support.


Our guiding values

PTP service approach
Production of Value
Our business approach is aimed to exceed our customer's expectations. Our effectiveness is measured with solid results, and value created, for our customers.

We guarantee our customer an open and honest relationship. Our target is to achieve the results agreed with our customers with an effective and efficient execution guided by a well defined and crystal clear methodology.

Our vision about the customer relationship is to have stable and long lasting collaborations leveraging the reciprocal trust build on the achieved results.


BoSa & Co.